First 48 Information

*Upon booking I will need:

  1. Baby’s name and gender. (to order the hat)
  2. Where you are delivering
  3. Estimated due date. (don’t worry if you baby comes early or late. I have allotted time in my schedule for that.)
  4. The $85 deposit to save your spot.

What to do when you go into labor:

  1. Contact me when you are admitted. (this gives me time to clear my schedule) *This can be done by anyone, it does not have to be you that contacts me. My Phone number is 417-733-5776 feel free to CALL or TEXT. If you’s rather you can message me on facebook, on my Business Facebook Page
  2. Contact me when baby is here! This is a great time to tell me which room number you are in. (we will chose the time that works best for us both at that time.)
  3.  The other $85 is due the day of your session.


Feed baby within an hour before our session. Keep the noise in the room to a minimum while I am photographing. Let nurses know I am coming at the time frame I am coming so they do not plan circumcisions, hearing tests or other testing during the hour I am there. Ask visitors to not take photos over my shoulder or when I am trying to pose baby. This ultimately takes up the time you have paid for me to photograph baby.