First 48 Tips!


I am going to give some tips for the first 48 session.

Please contact me when you are admitted, then again when you have delivered and you’re in your room with the room number. This allows me time to clear my schedule to make it to your session.

If there are siblings in the photo’s, please have them in the outfit you will want them photographed with baby, we will do that photo first.

Try to make sure baby is fed within 30 minutes before my arrival time, if at all possible. That makes them nice and cuddly, (and happy) for me!

If you have visitors at the time of the session, please ask them to talk quietly, the less startles we have, the better!

I have photographed between 75 & 100 newborn babies, and I am a mother of 6. I have also finished a few newborn safety courses. I know how to handle your baby, and will do it with utmost care. There is no need for you to help me, unless you just want to. Don’t feel guilty for sitting back and relaxing while I do my thing. 🙂

if there are any outfits, or anything you want baby photographed in, please bring them along.

When you are contacting me, feel free to contact me on facebook, or text me at 417-733-5776 (texting will get a quicker response.)


check out my facebook page at Http://www.facebook.com/AshleyM

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