What to expect during your First 48 Session


If you are here, you have booked a First 48 with Ashley McCowan Photography, or have the desire to!

First, I have designed my First 48 to replace the traditional Hospital Photo’s! That doesn’t mean you cannot have hospital photo’s done too! However, photo’s from the hospital are expensive! The Sessions I offer will be done within 48 hours after birth.  The Cost is $150 *$75 to save your session, and $75 due the day of your session! Your session will come with a personalized hat for your baby.


Order of Events:

-Contact me with your due date and hospital info to ensure availability. 
contact info:



AMP-Facebook Page

-Pay the $75 fee to save your spot.

-Tell me the Name and Gender of your baby, and two hat color preferences, and you will be provided with one of those colors. The hats are upcycled by a photography prop vendor and colors vary day to day, but she does her best to give me the colors I ask for. If you do not know a name when you book-that’s ok, I will save your date for you and you can message me at a later time to tell me the gender/name, I just need at least 5 weeks to make sure my vendor has time to make and ship the hat! If you are not finding out gender, that’s ok we can get a custom hat that says something else (you choose! “baby ______” last name or something., we could just get a big heart placed on the front..) if you know the gender but aren’t picking a name until baby is born, that is also okay! We could put something like “hunk” or “princess” on the hat. If I do not have something to me by  weeks before birth, I cannot guarantee a hat for the session.

-Text me (417-733-5776) when you are admitted into the hospital so I can clear my schedule to come.

-Text me sometime after birth to let me know baby is here, and we will then discuss the best time for both of us for me to come, let me know which hospital and room number.

-I will come to your hospital room and set my things up, do not feel the need to get up, bend or help me with the baby unless you just want to. I am a mother of Five and have photographed  LOTS of babies. I handle them with care, and love snuggling and talking to them. You pay the remainder $75 fee.

-Your photo’s will be done within 10 days after your session and provided on a website that I will send you the link to. Please provide me with your email address. If you do not have access to a computer and internet, you can purchase a CD for $10 your website link, or CD will come with printing rights to the digital’s available!



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