Just get your picture taken……

I am a photographer. I am also a Wife. Mom. Sister. Daughter. aunt. Sister in law. Daughter in law and a friend. My appearance is not my favorite. I am not one to take selfie after selfie with my head turned a different way each time. In fact, I don’t really like my picture taken at all. But, being all of those things-people love me. ME! they love ME. They know what I look like and they still love me. Just like you. Everyone in your life knows exactly what you look like and they still love you. Do not refrain from getting family photo’s because of your appearance. Do not wait until you lose that extra 20lbs, or 100lbs. Every day is a moment in your life, the life you are creating, your legacy per say.. though you don’t like being in pictures, you hate your appearance or your hair…or whatever it is holding you back… your kids, your spouse, your loved ones will love and cherish the photos with you in it for the rest of their life. They’ll love them now, next week, in 20 years and in 50 years.  This moment in your life will pass. Unfortunately, we are not guarantee’d tomorrow. You never know when you are going to lose a member in your family, and your family never knows when they are going to lose you. Don’t do this for you, do this for your loved ones.

I am very ashamed to say my husband and I have a 16  month old son, and we have no family pictures taken since he was born.. the only family pictures we have are with our other kids before the baby. I love and cherish those family photo’s even though I hated my hair color and my face looked awkward.  The last photo I have of my kids together is July of LAST year. 🙁  I am not only writing this for all of you, I am writing this for me. Family pictures is on my bucket list this summer they should be on your bucket list too.

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