Chris + Brittany {First Look}

ahh.. you guys! I know I have blogged about this before but, seriously.. If you are UNSURE about having a first look-Check out Chris and Brittany’s. I was in tears before it was all over, and I won’t tell you who else was in tears! 😉

As soon as I walked into Weathered Wisdom Barn in Preston, Missouri I know this day was going to be magical! When I had met with them previously, I kind of talked them into the First Look.. I didn’t have to do much talking, and they were on board. I think they are super glad they did!

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We started out here. I brought chris down, told him what was up… and asked Brittany to come to the top of the stairs. I think once he knew she was up there-the nerves and excitement set in.

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Once Brittany got down to him, I could tell he was getting more and more antsy to see his bride. She wrapped her hands around his eye so I could snap this picture and he couldn’t help but touch her, and Brittany could not stop smiling. Right after I snapped this photo, I told Brittany to tap him on the shoulder and told Chris he could turn around whenever he was ready. He paused for a second… and then… that face….
wmb10 (Medium)
Chris was so overwhelmed with emotion seeing his bride, and she was so happy.
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He loved her dress, he said it was beautiful and perfect… but, I know, that dress isn’t as beautiful as their marriage will be. The love in their eyes spilled out throughout this entire first look..
wmb5 (Medium)
if these smiles don’t tell you that their marriage is going to soar, I don’t know what will..
wmb7 (Medium)
wmb6 (Medium)
after I shoot these pictures, I always give the bride and groom a few minutes to just talk, smile, and love on each other… this moment will probably be the one they remember when it comes to their 40th…or 50th anniversary.

wmb9 (Medium)


and…. guess what… neither one of them  had to hide from the other in their rooms until the ceremony started. Thats the BEST part! 😀

Congratulations again Chris and Brittany! I am so thankful you let me be a part of your special day! It was a blast, and the pie’s were wonderful! 😀

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