Why you should choose a first look….

So, it’s your wedding day. You can’t get enough of that hunk you are about to call yours forever…. however, you can’t see each other before the ceremony.  Which means, one or BOTH of you are stuck in the bride or groom room the entire day. no fun. There is this happening new trend called “the first look” basically it’s an intimate moment between your future husband and yourself… You can choose for it to only be you and your husband, or you can allow the bridal party and/or friends and family to be present. First… Everyone must be ready by the first look time. Then, We place the grooms back toward where the bride is entering…and they patiently wait…
ko54 (Large)
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In this case, everyone was yelling at Zach to NOT turn around yet, and he was faking us out–which he thought was hilarious.
ko57 (Large)
It’s time for Zach to turn around, He say’s “I’m nervous..”  We let him turn around on his own time.. It only took a minute or so for him to be ready to face his beautiful bride for the very first time on their wedding day.
ko62 (Large)
The look…. the look on Zach’s face when he saw his soon to be wife and the words “oh wow” brought tears to everyone’s eyes, including mine.
ko67 (Large)
ko65 (Medium)ko66 (Medium)
and that ladies and gentlemen is exactly why I say CHOOSE A FIRST LOOK. you don’t get these memories, reactions and moments of love with waiting until the ceremony. Just, look at his face! Then, you are given a few minutes to hold eachother, and love eachother… the results are crazy emotional.
ko76 (Large)
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after that, you don’t have to spend the rest of your day HIDDEN in a room so you can’t see your one true love before you walk down the isle… you get to finish out your day before your guests arrive taking photo’s, kissing, hugging, making memories..
ko107 (Large)
& I get to get the show on the road providing you with more photo’s of your wedding day because I have more time with you all. It’s a win-win…
ko99 (Large)
ko96 (Large)
Who doesn’t love win-win’s? I DO!

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